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Jorge Maria LJI Reporter

Last Wednesday, Pontiac MP Will Amos held his first press conference in months after being reprimanded by the Speaker of the House of Commons, Anthony Rota, on June 7.

Rota issued the rebuke after Amos was caught urinating into a cup during a non-public House session. At the time, he stated he was not aware he was on camera. This was the second incident in a month, which likely led to the move by the Speaker.

At the press conference held strictly for local media, Amos, flanked by his wife Regina Flores, outlined his “wellness plan” after blaming past incidents on “hyperactive multitasking.”

“This update for regional media is part of a progressive return. It’s another phase in my return, and it’s being guided by the wellness plan,” Amos said.

He took the opportunity to apologize once again after putting “everyone from my family, to my constituents, to our government, [and] my colleagues in such an awkward position. These two incidents have resulted in great embarrassment, but they don’t define me,” he said.

After seeking the help of several health professionals, including a psychologist, occupational therapist, a psychotherapist and a GP, his health team, according to Amos, determined that he does not have a mental health disorder, but concluded that his hyperactive multitasking creates significant difficulties in his professional and personal life.

“Both Zoom incidents reflect situational awareness challenges that result from hyperactive multitasking and high levels of stress,” he said.

President of the NDP Pontiac Riding Association, Denise Giroux, who ran against Amos in the last election, said multitasking is part of the job. “It’s obvious that being an MP is a job that requires competing priorities to be juggled every day,” she said.

Giroux believes that over the last six years, Amos has not been able to juggle competing responsibilities. “That these incidents occurred has affected his credibility,” she added.

She notes, that if Amos was feeling stressed or overworked, he could have asked for accommodation. “Why didn’t he ask for help?” she said.

Amos intends to stay on as MP for the Pontiac and it is widely expected he will run in the rumoured fall election.

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