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Claire Kerrigan was active with CARKE from the start. The organization now has a new board. Cynthia Wilkinson (President), and Johanne Morin have recently resigned from the CARKE Board. New members are Joëlle Chartrand and Nick Allan join Charlie Scott (President), Fred Enns (Secretary), Donald Gray-Donald (Treasurer & Founding Member), David Kininmonth, and Jaime Moar.

CARKE is a local organization that many people in the area have never heard of. Founded over 40 years ago by a handful of Brome Lake residents, CARKE has been quietly supporting a wide range of community projects ever since. In their words:

“CARKE believes in happy, healthy communities that identify and support their own needs. As a not-for-profit corporation serving the population of Brome Lake, West Bolton and Brome Village, CARKE is a beacon for ideas and a facilitator of projects that support the social, cultural and recreational well-being of the community. They help raise both awareness and funds for specific infrastructure projects and initiatives.”

One of CARKE’S most important projects in recent years was the coordination of funding, planning and construction of Centre Lac-Brome (known by many simply as the ‘community centre’). While they hoped to build an indoor pool adjacent to Centre Lac-Brome, the project ultimately failed to garner sufficient support. Instead, a splash pad was built behind the Centre Lac-Brome, a wonderful place to enjoy on a hot summer day.

In 2020, CARKE facilitated the purchase of a waterfront property in Bondville that is now owned and operated by the Town of Brome Lake and has been designated a public park. Terrasse CARKE Terrace, as the park has been named, is currently being upgraded and will provide residents with water access, seating areas, walking trails, parking, and washroom facilities. Over the years, CARKE has also provided financial support to update the cafeteria at Knowlton Academy and improve the library at École St. Edouard.

“With the addition of several new Board members CARKE has a renewed enthusiasm to be a positive and visible force within the community. In the months ahead it will be launching a website ( and introducing an online application for support,” says Charlie Scott. “As a non-political body, we want to quietly continue to do really good things for the community and fill a great need.”

Susan Jacques, LJI

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