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All members of council were present except madame Lanteigne. There were three residents in the audience.
Town Planning – Fifteen permits were issued in May for various projects, including one new house, for a total value of $1,792,400,. New regulations for the demolition of buildings and use of public roads for filming and various types of organizations and activities will be proposed.
An official letter from the Province has been received warning about the effects of poor air quality caused by the many forest fires in the province.
On May 18th a dog attacked a pedestrian. A new bylaw was introduced dealing with the control of dangerous dogs. The legal, financial and moral responsibility of dog owners to protect visitors and pedestrians was discussed. Details are available at the town hall. Local residents may remember the extremely serious injuries suffered by a jogger in Potton several years ago when attacked by two dogs.
Martin St. Jacques has been hired to manage the maintenance of roads and infrastructure. He will also assist the Building Inspector when required.
The municipality has joined the Lac Davignon Watershed Protection Committee.
Questions concerning short term rentals and the Parks and Recreation Tax on lots created by subdivision were discussed.
Next Meeting: Monday July 10, 7:30 p.m.

Tony Rotherham, LJI

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