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Jorge Maria LJI Reporter

The Luskville Dragway celebrated its second week after reopening in a hail of burnt rubber and smoke.

The dragway hosted The Canadian Bracket Supertour with a grand prize of $5,000 up for grabs. It was a packed raceway with more than a hundred cars competing officially. Part owner Arnie Malcolm couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. “Incredible,” Malcolm said.

A regular season is usually from May until September, but COVID-19 caused a lot of uncertainty in the previous year. “The bottom line is we survied,” Malcolm said. “We actually did better than survive. We have upgraded our race track; we’re probably the most sophisticated, best racetrack in the country at the eighth mile ratio.

“Right now the drivers are running on a solid concrete racetrack. Laser poured by the largest concrete company in Canada,” he added.

Long time drag racing veteran Mike Chenier has been in love with the sport since he was 16 and came to this very track for the first time 40 years ago. For him it has always been about “Ffast cars,” he said. With top prize up for grabs, he was already down two races and hoping to make it up in the next race in the Super Pro category — the elite of drag racing.

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