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Jorge Maria LJI Reporter

Locals from Mansfield et Pontefract geared up for the warm weather and took part in Maison Culturelle George Bryson’s annual car rally, with proceeds going to Bouffe Pontiac.

Rally-goers zipped off to places across the municipality following a map filled with. . .

clues to different locations in the town’s version of The Amazing Race; though there was no parachuting or hang gliding, everyone had fun.

There was some frustration, however. After getting an early start, sisters Ailene and Florence Dyelle made their way back to the starting line after getting lost. Ailene was particularly vocal in expressing her consternation using words that cannot be printed in this paper.

“It is a great thing to do for the community,” she added.

Dan Dubé, a rally veteran, was out with newbie Louis Soucie and Angie Pompetti. “It’s a great cause,” Dubé said.

Dubé and his teammates Angie Pompetti and Louis Soucie went onto win first place.

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