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Valora 12th Annual Holiday Fundraiser for the Women’s Shelters

Dimitris Ilias

Christmas is always the season to give. Cynics say, it is the gift exchange and consumerism that push charitable donations as a byproduct. Thankfully the majority feels and believes that it is the spirit of the season that drive us to give. Educational institutions are always spearheading charity events and Rosemere High School does its part even in the middle of the pandemic.

Over the years, Rosemere High School has supported a number of community and charitable organizations by running several fundraising activities during the school year. Fundraising recipients include The Old Brewery Mission, The Cambodia water project, The Children’s Wish Foundation (now known as Make a Wish), Moisson Laurentides, Movember and Valora Association, to name just a few.

Unfortunately, due to the constraints of school organization in a pandemic, most of these projects have been put on hold. However, the school has still managed to organize a few simple projects while respecting the sanitation measures in place. It has been more challenging, but thanks to combined staff and student efforts, Rosemere High School continues to support some very important organizations over the holiday period.

On December 8th RHS held an event supporting multiple charities

There was a food collect for Moisson Laurentides with a special drive by donation day in the RHS parking lot after school. For nearly 33 years, Moisson Laurentides has ensured an optimal food supply to community organizations serving people in difficulty in the Laurentides region and in the MRC Les Moulins in the Lanaudière region. In addition, Moisson Laurentides participates in the development of sustainable solutions to promote food security.

On the same day there was a hygiene product collect via a special drive by donation day in the RHS parking lot after school for the women’s shelters supported by VALORA Association. VALORA is a charitable association committed to increasing public awareness about violence against women. By unifying community efforts and raising funds, VALORA strives to empower survivors of conjugal violence. Among the initiatives we support are women’s shelters in Laval and the North Shore of Montreal, namely La Citad’Elle de Lachute, La Maison d’Ariane, La Maison le Prélude, L’Ombre-Elle, La Passe-R-Elle des Hautes Laurentides, La Traverse, Maison de Lina, Maison L’Esther, Maison Le Mitan, Regard en Elle and Regroup’elles.

Finally, the school is fundraising for Make A Wish (formally known as The Children’s Wish Foundation) – 2 pizza sales (individually boxed and delivered to students in classrooms – supported by Quebec Pizza in Boisbriand), citrus fruit sale fundraiser and money collections from the RHS community. A wish experience can be a game-changer for a child with a critical illness. This one belief guides Make A Wish in everything they do. It inspires them to grant life-changing wishes for children going through so much compelling them to be creative in exceeding the expectations of every wish kid while making their donated resources go as far as possible.

Donations may not reach the levels seen in previous years, but community and charitable organizations need help now, more than ever and RHS is proud to make a contribution in these challenging times.

12th Annual HOLIDAY FUNDRAISER for the Valora Women’s Shelters

VALORA is continuing its 12th Annual VALORA Holiday Fundraiser which begun on November 12th, until December 25th starting with an online raffle and amazing prizes to be won. RHS did its part and the organization is asking everyone to contribute.

In her message launching the fundraiser, Valora president Maria Larosa Napolitano said:

“As the holidays approach we reflect on this past year. We are grateful for the important things in our lives such as; a safe, comfortable home for our families. Not everyone is that fortunate. Hundreds of women rely on the 11 women’s shelters in the Laval and North Shore area. Due to the Covid pandemic, hundreds more need ongoing safety and support. Most leave their homes with the bare essentials.

This is why VALORA was created and hosted its first “Open House” 12 years ago. VALORA’s mission is to empower women and children to overcome conjugal violence. “From the first gathering in my living room to last year’s event, we raised over $20,000, collected over 1,000 gifts and welcomed over 500 guests from the community at large. We have come a long way! We are forever grateful to our generous donors for their continued support towards these women and children. Conjugal violence has remained a constant and this is why your help is more important than ever!”

Together we will make this Holiday Season brighter for the women and children living in these shelters. Our committee has developed unique ways to fundraise, while keeping everyone safe in the comfort of their own homes. We will share with you inspiring messages of gratitude and hope from the shelters as well as interactive posts from friends and followers!”

Show your support!

The volunteers at Valora are asking everyone to ‘Friend’ the organization on Facebook to keep up with their events and to also donate online! You van also follow them on Instagram at VALORA Association to be part of different fun and interactive give-aways and challenges with amazing sponsors.

The organization will be accepting monetary donations for their “Warm & Caring” VALORA gift box, made up of everyday essentials and pyjamas for the women and children of the shelters. Organizers are hopeful that they can raise extra funds and include toys for the children.


Photo RHS FOOD DRIVE: Thanks to combined staff and student efforts, Rosemere High School continues to support some very important organizations over the holiday period.

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