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Chelsey St. Pierre – The Suburban LJI Reporter

Pointe-Claire city councillors voted 6-3 in favour of removing phase 1 of Cadillac Fairview’s proposed expansion project from the city’s drafted development freeze at a special meeting. Pointe-Claire Mayor Tim Thomas voted against it along with two of the eight city councillors.

The special meeting was held following Thomas’ motion to postpone the vote to adopt the by-law tabled to implement the freeze until 2024 while public consultations would take place. The official vote on the drafted by-law will take place on May 3rd. “I think the process was fair and honest and democratic, so worse things could have happened.” Thomas said following the meeting.

District 3 city councillor Kelly Thorstad-Cullen agreed that the process is fair and considerate of the best interest of residents. “I was very pleased with how the special meeting of April 19, 2022 went. Citizens had the opportunity to speak and ask questions, the draft interim control by-law was tabled, and each councillor was able to express their position on the draft by-law. I for one brought specific comments from Valois residents that represent the majority of the views that my citizens expressed to me,” Thorstad-Cullen told The Suburban.

“Everybody has expressed different points of view. That particular project is very different. Each zone is different. This is not like taking a vacant field and building whatever they want. We need to adjust to the area. Fairview is complex as we are not only dealing with the development but also the surrounding environment including the REM. This type of project requires a customized approach,” District 2 city councillor Paul Bissonette said to The Suburban.

Councillors have asked that Cadillac Fairview draw up a comprehensive plan prior to the May 3rd vote. The plan currently in place includes two 25-storey residential complexes which would house 445 apartments and a 20-storey seniors residence, a market, restaurants and a public promenade measuring approximately 50,000 square feet.Thomas along with city councillors continue to encourage residents to participate in public consultations and to voice their opinions. n

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