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Long-time Aylmer resident and pianist, Pierre Guérin, is releasing his fourth instrumental piano album entitled Doucement which translates to “gently” or “softly”.

The album is made up of 12 expertly composed tracks that will take listeners on a journey through the emotions of daily life. The artistry and talent demonstrated throughout the album will keep listeners enthralled. Tracks like Papa and Hier et son Avant are more upbeat, while others like Au Grands Vents , Sans temps , and L’homme Tendre are slower.

The self-taught musician says he has been working on the album for two years but some of the tracks include songs he started composing nearly 20 years ago. “There are pieces that are joyous and some that are sad; the pieces reflect emotions that one may feel throughout the day,” said the pianist.

Throughout his career, Guérin has sold thousands of album copies. In August 2022, his previous album Vagues ranked #4 in Zone Music Reporter, which releases a global chart of instrumental music monthly. The previous album was also played on various radio stations in Canada, Spain, Russian, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Greece, Finland, and the US.

Guérin started teaching himself piano intuitively at the age of 14. He says he is inspired by people and the emotions of everyday life. Today, this is listened to internationally, which the artist says is the beauty of an instrumental album. Listeners don’t need to speak the same language to enjoy the music.

On release day, October 1, from 3:00 to 6:00 pm, the public is invited to attend the launch event for the album taking place at Café Cognac in the Plateau, located at 10 Allée de Hambourg, Suite 104. During the event, participants will have the opportunity to listen to Guérin play some of the songs from the album.

CDs and USB keys will also be available for purchase at the event. Later, the album will be available on online streaming platforms like Spotify. To learn more about Pierre Guérin, visit

Photo: Pierre Guérin, local pianist, released fourth album.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Pierre Guérin

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