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attendance to congratulate them. Bélisle has been closely involved with AGAP since the

beginning of her campaign and has observed how far they have come.

“I’d like to point out that one of my campaign commitments was to have a resource to support

AGAPians,” she said. This commitment was prioritized following a walk in Vieux-Gatineau that

she shared with Pauline Bouchard and former president Lyne Bouchard during her electoral


“What we want is to be able to give you a helping hand, [ask ourselves] how can the city be a

better partner? We’re not perfect, but we always want to improve,” she said. “The city could

never afford all the things you offer, and for that I am extremely grateful.”

The cheerful cocktail reception was also an opportunity to reveal AGAP’s new look. The logo,

which is canvased in different shades of blue, contains four different squares. “Each square

symbolizes one of the association’s action and collaboration strategies,” explained Bouchard,

“the first being organization and mobilization, followed by marketing and animation,

enhancement and development, and finally, commercial and economic development. The lines

between the shapes represent the atmospheric streets that extend to encompass the associative

territory,” she explained. “The shades of blue give a modern look and signify the process and

advances made by AGAP.”

The logo, which was revealed in front of all of AGAP’s important figures, seemed to be

approved by all. While a chapter has been closed, the association is starting fresh as it heads ​toward 20 more years of revitalization and bringing businesspeople together.

“Let’s collectively be happy with the countless initiatives, projects and collaborative strategies to

revitalize Vieux-Gatineau and restore its place in the hearts of Gatineau residents,” concluded

president Baril.

With notes from Mary Baskin and Lily Ryan.

Photo cap:

Photo #1: On September 6 at AGAP’s 20 th anniversary celebration, the “Recognition
Component” was an opportunity for all the current and former members to be decorated with a
certificate for their impactful work at AGAP over the years. Pictured from left to right,
Guillaume Arsenault, Mathieu Guay, Daniel Baril, Jacques de Bellefeuille, Michel Sarazin, Louis
D’Amour, Karoline Deschênes, Louise Petitclerc, Mustapha Bahri, Lyne Bouchard, Andréanne
Chevalier, Maryse Proulx, Donald Fournier, Marie-Hélène Gélinas, Laura Dufour, Pauline
Bouchard and Louis Marie Prud’homme. (DD) Photo: Djeneba Dosso

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