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Amy Mehta - LJI reporter

An Aylmer author is now published, sharing her challenges with Canada’s Justice System concerning parental rights. “Our Babies are Crying for Justice” is a novel written by “Mom”, a local author who wishes to remain anonymous.
The novel captures the acts of sexual and physical abuse forced from a father onto his children, along with how the justice system responded and worked against the victims. “Mom” had begun writing the novel in the 1990s and made attempts to have the story released but was told that the children were too young to have the story disclosed.
After losing two of her daughters to suicide, the author felt the desire to share her story even more; to show the effects of trauma, and how haunting the situation is. The story’s targeted audience is mothers, in their attempt to reach out to those who are enduring domestic abuse, to know that they aren’t alone, and there are ways out of it. The author said she hopes the book will help others avoid a similar nine-year battle she fought within the justice system. The novel was published in April 2021, and is available on Amazon.

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