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Nelson Sergerie, LJI

CARLETON-SUR-MER - A phenomenon more present in large centres, municipal officials in the Gaspé state that bullying and harassment on social networks are an isolated phenomena in the region.

Only one notorious case is mentioned: the mayor of Carleton-sur-Mer, Mathieu Lapointe, had to deal with a difficult situation at the end of last winter.

“It was pretty intense. We had death threats - myself and other members of the municipal administration - but it is an isolated event,” says the mayor.

After a stand-off with police, Jean-François Boudreau, 45, was arrested on March 4.
He was facing seven charges including one for death threats against the mayor. He
was also charged with criminal harassment and possession of weapons for a dangerous purpose. He was found not criminally responsible for his actions due to a mental disorder.

The New Richmond mayor, Eric Dubé, has never been personally targeted. “We are people rooted in our communities. We are very well known. We do not experience what (elected officials in) big cities live,” says Mr. Dubé.

The mayor of Gaspé and president of the Union of Quebec municipalities, Daniel Côté, was subjected to attacks last year.

“It happens that there is bullying happening on social media. I experienced it with the beach saga a year and a half ago,” explains the mayor. There was a situation of individuals camping illegally and not respecting the environment.

Despite everything, the phenomenon is extremely rare. “In the Gaspé, in general, things are going well. I think that's part of the whole Gaspé resilience,” he says.

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