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Martin C. Barry

More than two dozen people who were caught during a raid on a Curé Labelle Blvd. gambling hall last week by the Laval Police will be paying at least $40,000 in fines after receiving tickets for gathering illegally and breaking COVID-19 sanitary and distancing rules.

Following the sweep, the LPD said it had been tipped off that an all-day and evening blackjack and poker event was going to be held at the strip mall location. A spokesperson for the force said the LPD was already aware of the event, since it had been well-advertised on social media.

After surveying the layout of the locale on a Sunday morning, and seeing that at least 20 people were present, the LPD obtained a warrant and made their move around mid-afternoon. In all, 26 people were seen not wearing protective face masks, as required by COVID-19 sanitation rules, while social distancing requirements also weren’t being respected.

Each offender received a ticket for $1,550 (including court costs). Further charges were pending with Quebec’s Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions, depending on whether any of those who were issued tickets were previously ticketed for violating the same rules.

According to the LPD, people living near the mall tipped off the police after seeing an unusually large number of cars parked in the parking lot, when businesses were closed because of the pandemic.

An LPD spokesperson said the locale was already known to police for illicit activities and that officers had visited the premises previously. Since sponsoring an unlicensed gambling event is a violation of the criminal code, the LPD has opened an investigation and additional charges may be forthcoming.

LPD seeks victims of 76-year-old sexual misconduct suspect

The Laval Police say they arrested Alain Tessier, age 76, on Jan. 21 based on allegations of sexual misconduct involving a minor.

LDP investigators say they have reason to believe there could be other victims and are urging them to come forward. According to the LPD, the events leading to the charges took place in the fall of 2020.

The LPD says the suspect struck up a friendship with the victim. Both are from Vimont. It is alleged that the suspect gave money to the victim, asked him for nude pictures, and asked him to go to Oka where they would engage in acts of a sexual nature.

In January, the suspect came into contact once again with the victim, asking once more for sexual favours. The LPD says the suspect was arraigned through a videoconference and was released on the specific condition that he not be in the presence of minors. His next scheduled court appearance is on April 20.

The LPD says that anyone who believes they may have been contacted by Alain Tessier for reasons similar to those above can call the Laval Police’s confidential Info-Line at (450) 662-INFO (4636) or 9-1-1. The file number is LVL 210114 034.

Laval Police seek Chomedey gas station arson suspects

The Laval Police Department is asking the public for help to identify two suspects who attempted twice to set fire to a gas station located at 470 Chomedey Blvd. recently.

According to the LPD, on Jan. 26 not long after 5 am, the two suspects were spotted by a security camera set up at the gas station. In the video, the suspects are seen approaching the station and tossing flammable materials towards the gas pumps, as well as at vehicles parked nearby.

Following this, they are seen breaking a window on the gas station building and tossing in more flammable materials, after which they flee. The LPD says this was the second such incident at the gas station. On Jan. 9 around 4:45 am, two suspects were also seen attempting to start a fire, although they didn’t succeed.

The LPD said they don’t know if the suspects were the same individuals in both instances. Anyone with information on either of these incidents is asked to contact the LPD through its Info-Line at (450) 662-INFO (4636), or call 9-1-1. The incident file number is LVL 210126008.

LPD seeks suspect in Jan. 6 Sainte-Dorothée firebombing

The Laval Police are seeking the public’s help to indentify a suspect seen in a security camera video throwing a molotov cocktail on the night of Jan. 6 at a home on Bord-de-l‘Eau Rd. in Sainte-Dorothée, causing a fire.

According to the LPD, the suspect broke a window, then hurled the firebomb inside the home where it caused an unspecified amount of damage. Images of the suspect captured by a security camera show him leaving along Bord-de-l‘Eau Rd. towards Samson Blvd.

Any information that could help identify the suspect can be shared with the LPD through their confidential Info-Line at 450 662 INFO (4636), or by calling 9-1-1. The file number is LVL 210106 008.

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