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Martin C. Barry

Investigators from the Laval Police Department were still conducting an investigation last week into the cause of death of a seven-year-old girl at a home in Chomedey.

The LPD had received a call from a family living at a home on Le Boutillier St. The LPD said the girl was found in cardio-pulmonary arrest and was transported by paramedics to hospital, where she was declared dead.

Although the LPD said it wanted to question up to six people who were at the home, a language barrier was encountered and an interpreter was called in. Earlier this week, the LPD said was still waiting for the results of an autopsy confirming the cause of death, but were not ruling out physical harm as a potential factor.

Laval Police Department investigators were active at this home in Laval's Chomedey district last week where a 7-year-old girl died under apparently violent circumstances. (Photo: Martin C. Barry, Laval News)

In the meantime, the Quebec Human and Youth Rights Commission opened an investigation into whether the rights of the deceased girl were being respected before the police intervened. According to news accounts, her situation had been the subject of a report to youth protection authorities in Laval.

The commission had previously held an inquiry into the death of a nine-year-old girl in Granby, who died in 2019 after she also was the subject of a youth protection report. The Laval Police Department issued a statement on their Twitter feed last week, saying they are seeking input from anyone who thinks they may have useful information.

“In the course of the inquiry on the death of a seven-year-old girl, which took place on Le Boutillier St. in Laval, the investigators at the SPL are calling on all persons who might have information linked to this event,” they said. The department says anyone with information should call (450) 662-INFO (4636

Firefighters extinguish smoky blaze at Vimont recycling dump

Units from the Laval Fire Department finally managed to quell a fire at a recycling dump on Saulnier St. in Vimont where a blaze has been burning for up to a week in a large pile of recycled construction materials.

Smoke from the smouldering pile had been drifting across Autoroute 440 towards Cité de la Santé hospital on René Laennec Blvd., where employees were complaining of irritated eyes, sore throats, dizziness and headaches from the smoke.

While there were reports that the smoke was entering the hospital’s ventilation system, the system couldn’t be turned off because of current COVID-19 sanitary requirements.

The pile was made up mostly of old and dry scrap wood as well as other remaindered construction scrap. According to the Association des Pompiers de Laval, smoke and flames were visible from nearby Autoroute 440, as well as Route 335, and Autoroute 19 which intersects the A-440.

The fire department ruled out arson as the cause. They said it was more likely a case of spontaneous ignition caused by intense heat generated deep inside the pile as the materials decomposed. They believed the fire probably started weeks ago, but was only noticed as the smoke and flames became obvious.

Provincial environmental damage assessment workers were on the scene monitoring the smoke for potentially toxic content.

Laval Police seek victims of educator facing pedophilia charges

The Laval Police Department is urging possible victims of an alleged pedophile who worked as a special educator from 2017 to 2019 to come forward as they seeking additional evidence.

According to a statement issued by the LPD, David Gingras, 31, was arrested on Dec. 9 and faces charges of sexual assault allegedly commmitted in Laval and on the North Shore.

The LPD says Gingras worked as a special education technician at various schools and community organizations in Laval, Deux-Montagnes and Mirabel.

The charges stemmed from incidents alleged to have taken place at his home. The victims were 11 to 16 years of age, said the LPD. Gingras made one court appearance at the Laval courthouse on Dec. 10. The charges included sexual assault and possession of child pornography.

He was freed on bail with conditions and is scheduled to make his next court appearance on March 19. The LPD says that anyone who is a victim or feels they have information relevant to the case should call the force’s Info-Line at 450 662-INFO (4636), or 9-1-1, and refer to file LVL 200821 057.

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