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2020 Dog Handler Calendar raised over $ 40,000

Laval police (SPL) has given the Fondation Martin-Matte the proceeds for the 2020 edition of its dog handler calendar. The amount raised
this year is a generous $ 40,529.62, bringing the SPL’s contribution to the Foundation over the past eleven years to almost half a million dollars.

“After more than a decade of involvement, our desire to contribute to the well-being of brain injury victims and their families is still going
strong. Year after year, the members of the Cynophile Squad, in collaboration with many partners, dedicate themselves to carrying out
this campaign. The success of this calendar is a reflection of the commitment and dedication of our dog handlers. An extraordinary example of
solidarity, “stated director Pierre Brochet.

Vimont gunshot victim identified as cocaine dealer

A Montreal daily reported that a man who was shot during the night near the corner of René Laennec Blvd. and Namur St. in Laval’s Vimont district was a known cocaine dealer with connections to organized crime and biker gangs.

The Laval Police responded to the scene (identified in another news report as being on nearby Place de la Fagnolle) around 8 pm, after learning that a man in his 50s was lying on the ground not far from Cité de la Santé Hospital after being shot.

La Presse identified him as Stéphane Dupuis, that he was “known to police,” and that he had served 35 months in prison after being convicted of cocaine trafficking and gangsterism.

Car exiting Tim Horton’s seriously injures 60-year-old pedestrian

The Laval Police say a 60-year-old pedestrian walking outside a Tim Horton’s coffee and donut outlet near the corner of Curé Labelle and Cléroux boulevards was struck and seriously injured by a car on its way out of the parking area.

Despite what the police described as serious injuries requiring hospitalization, the pedestrian’s life was not in danger, according to the LPD.

Accident investigators from the LPD were on the scene to determine the cause, although it would appear initially, according to one media report, that the driver simply didn’t see the pedestrian while leaving the parking area.

Accurso ordered to pay millions after fraud guilty plea

Former Quebec construction company owner Tony Accurso and several firms linked to him have been ordered to pay $4.2 million after pleading guilty to tax fraud.

Revenu Québec said the sentences, which were rendered last week at the Laval courthouse, took into account Accurso’s guilty plea to making false tax declarations from 2006 to 2010. He was fined almost $2 million at the same time.

The four companies associated with him also pleaded guilty to making false tax declarations and they were fined around $2.2 million. In 2018, Accurso received a four-year prison sentence after being convicted of fraud and corruption charges.

A Quebec court judge called it to be one of the worst examples of municipal corruption in a Canadian court history. Accurso was released from prison after serving one week, while waiting for the outcome of an appeal.

‘Impaired’ woman leads SQ on a wild chase along A-440

Alcohol or drugs are believed to have been an important factor in a police chase that took place in Laval on Oct. 30, ending with the arrest of a woman in her 20s.

The Sûrteté du Québec (SQ) received a call at 2:45 a.m. early one recent morning about a car that had been spotted driving on the shoulder on Highway 440 East in Laval.

When the car sped away, officers began pursuing, but eventually called it off around Pie IX Blvd. following an approximately four-kilometre chase. Police say that when they finally caught up, the woman was agitated and needed to be transported to the hospital.

The investigating officers suspected she was impaired by alcohol or drugs and tried to obtain a warrant for testing to confirm it. The woman was taken into custody on suspicion of being impaired while driving and charges were pending.

LPD nabs suspected drug dealer in Pont-Viau

A man in his 20s was scheduled to make a court appearance for arraignment at the Laval courthouse earlier this week after a weekend encounter with the Laval Police, during which he fled from them after being seen in possession of narcotic substances.

The LPD had spotted his vehicle just after 2 am near the corner of de la Concorde Blvd. and J.J. Joubert Ave. in Pont-Viau. They noticed his car after seeing one of its rear lights wasn’t working.

While he initially didn’t show any resistance and voluntarily turned over his driver’s license and car registration, it was after this that the officers saw what they believed was evidence of narcotics in his car and questioned him.

The driver decided to flee, driving up to 80 kilometres per hour at one point along streets that included Meunier, Cousineau and Proulx. The police finally caught up to him in front of his home, where the officers determined he was in possession of narcotics.

Searching the vehicle, the officers found several dozen plastic bags of what appeared to be drugs, including crack and ecstasy, after which the suspect was placed under arrest.

According to the LPD, the suspect had a previous record for drug-related offenses and breaking court-imposed conditions, and they took him into custody.

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