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Sophie Demers - LJI reporter

During the September 14 executive committee meeting, the council approved the use of the optional period outlined in the May 2020 contract with Nasco building housekeeping. This means that Nasco will continue the maintenance of the Gatineau Sports Centre until July 4, 2023. The amount allocated to this extended period is 1 128 306,18 $

The committee approved an exemption of the rules regarding the maintenance of public peace and good order and regarding noise to allow the October 21 Night for the Homeless event to take place. The event raising awareness for homeslessness will be held in Sainte-Bernadette Park in Gatineau from 1:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.

The committee then accepted the plan proposed by MOBI-O for a local travel plan for Carrefour-de-l'Hôpital and will be providing a little over 33,000$ for their services. The local travel plan has three main objectives; identify measures to be implemented to secure walking and cycling, propose ways to encourage active transportation habits, and initiate collaborative work to encourage accommodations and measures to aid travel security in the district.

MOBI-O, the Gatineau and Region Travel Management Centre is a not-for-profit organization with the mission to promote the development, implementation and promotion of sustainable mobility solutions.

The committee then granted XAV Solution Inc. the contract to supply video conferencing equipment for a period of five years, for a total amount of approximately 583 601,60$

Pilot project for traffic obstructions platform

Gatineau has launched a pilot project that aims to improve the management of traffic obstructions. According to Gatineau, the platform will allow for better planning, coordination and communicating the traffic obstacles to the population. This means that if there are traffic obstacles like construction, road closures, or detours the platform could communicate this to road users.

The geospatial platform is provided by OPA (Organiser, planifier et agir) technologies. The OPA platform will communicate and visualize the location, duration and nature of the obstacles as well as inform users of detour routes if necessary. Additionally, the platform will centralize all the works by various partners to ensure that all road work and obstructions are recorded which allows the city to better coordinate projects and events.

Gatineau is currently discussing phase two of the project. This second phase will continue the development of the software in order to meet a maximum of the needs of the various services and partners.

Photo: New OPA platform for traffic obstructions

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