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The future of the Excelsoins seniors’ residence buildings on Knowlton Road remains unknown five months after the CHSLD nursing home closed. Residents were relocated to the large Excelsoins’ home in Cowansville. The residence housed 65 residents, supported by 35 staff.

“We haven’t been able to get any information from the company since last winter when they said they were closing down due to lack of staff,” Town of Brome Lake Mayor Richard Burcombe told Tempo.

Management at Excelsoins head office in Pointe Claire, QC, did not respond to requests to Tempo for information.

Burcombe expressed concern that there was a significant shortage of seniors residence units and nursing home space in the area, following the closings of other home operators’ facilities in Granby and Waterloo, in addition to the Excelsions residence here.

“We would hope that their buildings in Knowlton will be used, if not as a CHSLD, for some other accommodation, whether it be condos or low-cost housing,” he said. “The property is well suited to this, with parking and good location.”

Burcombe also is concerned about the upkeep of the property, noting that the grass is no longer being cut regularly. Meantime a sign advertising openings for new employees remained in place in front of the building’s’ entrance.

The adjacent former Knowlbanks seniors’ residence, which has been closed for many years, is currently housing employees of Excelsoins Cowansvile and possibly KDC workers, the mayor said.

Matthew Elder, LJI

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