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Deux-Montagnes January Council meeting
It was a quiet and short meeting on the 21st of January at Deux Montagnes

Dimitris Ilias

It was a quiet and short meeting on the 21st of January at Deux Montagnes. Held virtually for covid reasons the meeting started with the adoption of the agenda and mayor Denis Martin announced a particularly important virtual meeting of the REM discussing construction in Deux-Montagnes territory on the 24th of February. At the moment, the Deux Montagnes station is being demolished and the mayor reminded everyone that 2021 will be an intense year because of the REM construction.

The council approved the budget for the Police Department of Lac des deux Montagnes coming up to an amount of $9,432,135 for the year 2021. The new police budget shows no increase from last year.

Following a request from the charity organization Agapé Deux-Montagnes, the council allocated $1800 so that Agapé Deux-Montagnes could purchase bus tickets for underprivileged residents of the territory for the 2021-2022.

There were 2 notices of motions: one for amending by-law no. 1671 concerning traffic, signage and parking and one for the by-law concerning the adhesion of the MRC de Deux Montagnes to the agreement relating to the Common Municipal Court of the City of Deux-Montagnes

3 by-laws were adopted ranging from the imposition of taxes, tariffs, and compensations for the year 2021 which include relief for Deux Montagnes residents during the pandemic to the by-law providing for the increase the amount for the issuance of permits and the imposition of certain standards on snow removal contractors working on the territory of the City including an insurance of $2,000,000.

There were 2 requests for minor exemptions for 2301, ch. d'Oka concerning the building of a condo complex of 18 units and a triplex on 130, 8e Avenue and 9 Requests for approval of permits of architectural implantation and integration were also approved (plans d'implantation et d'intégration architecturale).

The council also voted on continuing the tradition of the Deux-Montagnes time capsule which is opened every 25 years. The new time capsule created will be buried in the future site of the Deux-Montagnes centennial park.

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