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Jorge Maria LJI Reporter

The Pontiac remains in Yellow Zone, level 2-early warning status, while many other less populated areas of the province have moved on to Green Zone status.

After one confirmed case of COVID-19 at St-Pierre Pavilion. . .

on Sunday and another on Monday at Poupore Pavilion, both schools have been closed for the rest of the school year.

Second vaccination rollouts are hitting some snags as residents complain about delays on social media.

Last Wednesday, the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS), issued a statement on its official Facebook page.

“If you’re having trouble getting ahead of your appointment, it’s probably due to discrepancy in personal information or missing information when making appointments,” the statement said. It then outlined three alternatives for getting the vaccine. Citizens can check clic sante’s trouble shooting service; go to an appointment free clinic; or keep their initial appointment for a second dose.

Further information can be found at https://cisss-outaouais.gouv.q... active figures continue to trend downwards, as the Outaouais had 68 active cases (12,430 total, 12,148 recovered) as of June 21, down 34 from June 14. There were just three hospitalizations at the designated COVID-19 centre in Hull, with one person in intensive care. The regional death toll did not rise from last Monday, and it stood at 214 as of June 21.

Within the RLS Pontiac, the CISSSO listed the following cumulative numbers on June 21*:

  • Municipality of Pontiac: 128 (+1)
  • Mansfield et Pontefract: 99 (+7)
  • Fort Coulonge: 48 (+4)
  • Shawville: 34 (no increase)
  • Campbell’s Bay: 16 (+5)
  • Waltham: 10 (no increase)
  • Bryson: 10 (increased from five or less)
  • Otter Lake: 8 (+2)
  • L’Île du Grand Calumet: 7 (+1)
  • L’Isle aux Allumettes: 6 (no increase)
  • Bristol, Litchfield, Portage du Fort, Sheenboro, Waltham and Thorne: five or less (minimum one case)

(*It is important to note that none of these figures represent the active case situation)

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