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Sally Scott arrived in the Lac-Brome area at the age of 12. She studied Arts and lived for several years in Montreal, where she worked as a clothing designer. She had a boutique with her best friend. She returned to the region to settle down, and about 5 years ago she started her flower farm on Iron Hill Rd.

However, she took a 2-year break to work in Tanzania on a microfinance program with Kuria and Maasai women who made Maasai jewelry and one-of-a-kind handbags. You may know her from Raffields, where she still works two days a week. Her beautiful bouquets have been on sale there since last summer as well as Virgin Hill and some markets, including Sutton.

A quiet force, Sally is a creative person. She loves to add her own touch to bouquets to make them stand out from the ordinary, like adding asparagus as greenery or putting blueberry sprigs with the fruits. What she loves most is creating and playing with flowers. So she's opening a farm stand in late June-early July at 246 Iron Hill Road, open Thursday to Saturday. Hours are still to be confirmed, but should be between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., with Saturdays opening a little earlier. You'll be able to create your own bouquets with her help and choose the colours and types of flowers that inspire you.

At the start of the season, she has tulips and peonies, but then zinnias, giant marigolds, amaranth, euphorbia, cosmos, delphiniums and many others follow, allowing you to create bouquets that reflect your personality. All the flowers in her bouquets come from her farm or the surrounding countryside. It's 100% local. "You don't always have to have big bouquets," Sally tells us, “Sometimes a tiny bouquet on an end table will make a big impression." She also plans to offer garland and wreath-making workshops. The farm stand will be open all summer until at least the end of September. To keep up to date with her activities, subscribe to her Instagram account societebotaniqueironhill:

Société botanique Iron Hill, 246 Iron Hill Road, Thursday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Photo: N Rivard

Nathalie Rivard, LJI

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