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The Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSS) des Laurentides announced that the second round of vaccination against COVID-19 for residents in residential and long-term care centers (CHSLDs) in the region has been completed since May 8.
Residents in CHSLDs now benefit from full vaccine coverage against COVID-19! Thus, residents housed in CHSLDs who had consented to the vaccination were able to receive a second dose of Moderna vaccine within the prescribed timeframe, i.e. a maximum of 112 days after the administration of the first dose, which will allow them to benefit from a maximum protection.
In addition, this important operation took place to the delight of residents and their families and was masterfully carried out by the vaccination teams of the CISSS des Laurentides. “While there is an active circulation of variants in the community, the administration of the second dose of the vaccine to residents in CHSLDs is timely. This will ensure optimal protection for our most vulnerable. I would like to thank our staff for having carried out this operation with remarkable efficiency, ”said the Deputy Chairman and CEO of the CISSS des Laurentides, Mr. Jean-Philippe Cotton. He also wishes to underline the importance of continuing to respect the sanitary instructions.
“Vaccination offers a real barrier of protection, but it must be added to all the measures contributing to the fight against the virus. It therefore remains essential not to relax the measures and to continue our collective efforts which will gradually make it possible to regain a certain normalcy, ”he declared.

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