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Sophie Demers - LJI Reporter

As of September 9, there have been 31 new Covid-19 cases reported in Outaouais. This brings the total number of cases in the area since the beginning of the pandemic to 41,395. There have been 344 Covid-19 related deaths in the Outaouais. Currently, there are 79 individuals with Covid-19 in hospital, three of whom are in intensive care. A total of 72 CISSSO employees currently have the virus.

The Centre Intégré de Santé et des Services Sociaux de L’Outaouais (CISSSO) no longer publishes the number of active cases in the region. They now publish daily increases in cases and the total cumulative number of cases.

The Quebec government still encourages citizens to declare their rapid test results, whether positive or negative. If the result is invalid, it does not need to be declared. Individuals can declare their results on the online platform Children between the ages of 5 and 11 can now get their booster shots. The bivalent Moderna vaccine became available on September 9. Residents wishing to get the vaccine can do so by appointment only.

The bivalent vaccine targets multiple strains of the Covid-19 virus.

The government of Quebec announced on August 24th that booster shots can be booked for those over 18 years of age. The booster dose can be booked for anyone, regardless of the number of doses they have received, as long as it has been a period of five months since the previous dose or three months since contracting the virus. The eligibility dates for the booster were moved up in anticipation of the return to school.

During the announcement, Quebec Public Health Director Luc Boileau said he does not expect any catastrophes; however, the return to school will likely increase the number of Covid-19 cases. There will not be mandatory masking or any efforts to increase ventilation.

Individuals hoping to get vaccinated or receive a booster dose can book their vaccine appointments by visiting or by calling 1-877-644-4545. There are many vaccination locations on the Gatineau territory in pharmacies and other designated locations.

Residents looking to get their children tested for Covid-19 can do so at the designated pediatric clinic located at 104 Du Barry Street in Gatineau. It is open Monday to Sunday from
8:30 am to 4:30 pm, by appointment only. An appointment can be booked by contacting Centrale COVID Outaouais at 1-844-965-2640.

Rapid antigen screening tests are available at pharmacies, depending on the stock at each location.

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