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About the Local Journalism Initiative program:

LJI grant applications process is now closed.

The Quebec Community Newspapers Association (QCNA) has recently been mandated to develop and implement a new program that will offer resources to select English-speaking communities in Quebec that are lacking access to quality news content.

In some parts of Canada, residents have significant gaps in civic journalism about community issues and civic institutions and events that affect them and their day-to-day lives. The Local Journalism Initiative will provide funds for selected community newspapers to hire a qualified journalist to produce newsworthy articles while increasing coverage in civic matters and issues of public interest in underserved communities

While the Local Journalism Initiative is open to all community newspapers, QCNA is focusing on the structural challenges facing the production and delivery of community news in remote or non-serviced areas of Quebec.

You are invited to submit your application, which will then be reviewed by a judging panel to determine program beneficiaries.

Host Organizations and Judging panel :

We are pleased to announce the names of Host Organizations for the Local Journalism Initiative program (2019-2021):

The Nation
Community Newspaper in Montreal, QC

Aylmer Bulletin
Community Newspaper in Gatineau, QC

Montreal community Contact
Community Newspaper in Montreal, QC

Cult MTL
Community Newspaper in Montreal, QC

Community Newspaper in Kahnawake, QC

The Northshore News
Community Newspaper in Laval, QC

Parc-Extension News
Community Newspaper in Laval, QC

The Equity
Community Newspaper in Shawville, QC

Quebec Chronicles Telegraph
Community Newspaper in Quebec City, QC

The Gaspé Spec
Community Newspaper in New Carlisle, QC

The Laval News
Community Newspaper in Laval, QC

The Record
Community Newspaper in Sherbrooke, QC

The Suburban
Community Newspaper in St-Laurent, QC

We would also like to thank the judging panel who helped us with the selection process for this program. The judging panel consists of 7 independent experts from organizations serving the English-speaking communities in Quebec.

The Judging panel:

Anna Levanthal
Executive Director
Association of English-language Publishers of Quebec

Brigitee Wellens
Executive Director
Voice of English-speaking Québec

Guy Rodgers
Executive Director
English Language Arts Network-Québec

Linton Garner
Executive Director
Regional Association of West Quebecers

Michelle Lepitre
Eastern Townshippers partners for Health and Social Services

Mitch Lariviere
Former Chairman
Neighbours Regional Association

Vanessa Herrick
Executive Director
Seniors Action Quebec

Instructions for the grantees :

Click here for an e-learning video to guide you throughout the process

Click here for a pdf explaining the process

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