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Recognized as the official representative for English Community Newspapers throughout Quebec, we help our members adapt to the modern changes of print media by offering workshops, training and recognition contest. Let us help you be better.

  • QCNA offers regular training opportunities to its members.
  • Through strategic partnerships we can deliver important cost savings or membership opportunities.
  • QCNA hosts a yearly recognition contest for its members. Our "Better Newspapers Awards", is our most popular and best-known program. The annual competition recognizes excellence in journalism throughout Quebec in various categories relating to production, sales, and news quality, just to name a few.
  • Our members are invited to the yearly Gala and Awards Dinner to toast our victors and reflect on the accomplishments of the year past.
  • We offer various means for our members to network amongst their peers in the QCNA family, but also from across the world with paid enrollments in international associations.

Advocacy and Representation

We are recognized as the official representative of Quebec's official language community newspapers by the federal and provincial governments. We lobby for your rights.

  • QCNA ensures that governments, community organizations and the general readership are aware of the challenges our members face.
  • We promote the benefits our members bring to the community and offer realistic solutions to our elected officials and partners by submitting briefs, informative letters and in-person meetings.
  • Moreover, QCNA represents its members in the fields of government activities, public consultations and various informative forums.
  • QCNA is proud to be part of the Consortium of official language media in minority situations along with ARC, APF and ELAN. Together we report to the federal government the journalistic challenges our local media face and the actions needed to improve and ensure sustainability for our media.
  • We lobby all levels of government to increase their investment in advertisement placement. We believe this will help the viability of our members, but also better inform the minority communities we serve.
  • We meet individual ministers, senators, MPs, MLAs, mayors and municipal councillors to inform them on the important role local media play in the health and well-being of the communities we serve.
  • We partner with expert associations such as QCGN, Recycle Media and ELAN to promote the needs of our communities.

Advertisement placement

We are recognized by the government and agencies as the clearing house for English community newspapers print advertisements. We sell your space.

  • QCNA represents a wide variety of advertising services, print and digital, offered by our members to agencies, government bodies, businesses and associations that wish to reach a readership of over 350,000.
  • We help you sell your classified and display ads spaces so you can reap the benefits of increased sales.
  • We help the governments recognize the strength of the collective and individual publications and their reach within the population including the capacity to deliver their message into the homes of the English-speaking population.
  • Through advertisement sales and grant writing support, we help newspapers sustainability.

Economic Development and Sustainability

We are recognized by our members as the specialist in the grant process. We help you access funds.

  • Grant opportunity technical support team: we help you in your application process.
  • We send reminders of grant opportunities and give you the guidelines to help you determine if you are admissible.
  • We lobby the governments for grants and manage the LJI program for all of Quebec’s community newspapers.
  • We sit on panels to help the government determine the admissibility criteria for certain funding initiatives.
  • We help the government help you, and thus reach their objective of better serving our communities.

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