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Geoffrey Agombar

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Sunday, Danville voters will choose between three experienced and engaged mayoral candidates. Ginette Pinard and Nathalie Boissé both sat on the outgoing council. Martine Satre previously served as councillor from 2002-2005, plus ten years on the Chamber of Commerce.

Asked what issues are on the minds of voters as they campaign door to door, all three report hearing the same themes repeated. Roads, waterlines, sewers, snow removal, and property taxes in town. Roads, dry wells, ditches, snow removal and property taxes out of town.

All three candidates express a desire to strengthen the town’s administration if elected. They all list as a top priority a fresh round of hiring to stabilize management of the municipality’s finances and public works. Boissé noted that the town’s financial statements for the previous three years are all still under audit.

Ginette Pinard studied business administration with a focus on accounting before moving into management. She brings a broad knowledge from payroll to negotiations to purchases to transport. During her career she rose to the point of managing annual budgets in the $20M range.

“I have a very good comprehension of administrative systems. I have experience in planning from A to Z.”

Pinard moved to Danville in 2006 where she has also operated the Bistro du Coin since 2009. In 2016, she left the stress and international travel of her corporate career behind to focus full-time on her bistro business and local politics.

Pinard describes Danville as “a town of many riches. We have multiple art galleries and so many artists. We have citizens who are extremely implicated on environmental issues. We are very well situated on the 116 to develop our industries. We have room for residential development and great environmental and natural treasures to enjoy, such as the Étang Burbank.”

Pinard was first elected to Danville council in 2017. “After four years as a councillor and my years of professional experience, I feel I have the capacity to put a solid structure in place for the better administration the town of Danville.”

Nathalie Boissé is a music and dramatic arts teacher who has served as a councillor for the past eight years. “I am a very, very, very committed person. I am very close to the citizens. I work in the education realm where we are very focused on everyone’s well-being. I am very organized and well planned. I am eager to offer Danville better management.”

In addition to the large development files and ongoing administration challenges, Boissé lists the municipal garage and library as two projects that will need immediate attention in the new term. The garage burned down last February and the library has been closed for some time. “Citizens want their library to re-open.”

Boissé stresses the importance that residents should feel their taxes working for them. “We need to work as a team. The citizens who pay the taxes need to feel palpable results. We’re not one of the big central cities, but our rates have increased and people need to feel like the services they receive reflect that.” She notes that on the doorstep of rural households, voters say they feel that gap even more acutely.

“Danville has a rich architectural heritage,” Boissé says. “The people are in solidarity and are engaged. Geographically, we are in a sort of Bermuda Triangle at the centre of Victoriaville, Drummondville and Sherbrooke. And we’re equal distance from the big cities of Quebec and Montreal, too. The 55 and 116 mean we are well-situated for our enterprises. It is a big, beautiful territory. And very cultural. There are so many artists living all around here.”

Martine Satre is best known as co-owner of the Temps des Cerises restaurant for more than 30 years. She sees her experiences as an entrepreneur and builder as her primary strengths. “Now that I am retired, I have time to devote. Danville has assets to develop, and I have strengths in this domain.”

“I want to participate in the town’s blossoming. And not just industrial or commercial development, but quality of life too,” Satre adds. “It is important to create a climate of trust and confidence. An elected official doesn’t create so much as they create the rich environment for things to happen.”

“My first priority would be to ensure that the management is healthy, that the books are well kept,” says Satre. “Then two other things: everyone is talking about problems with the water supply. Climate change is here. And for seniors and rural homes, this is a particular challenge. Also, we must improve communication between the municipality and its citizens.”

Satre describes Danville as “a little-known municipality, but its neighbourhoods are very charming and the countryside is stunning. There is so much potential precisely because it has not been overvalued yet. And, recent trends toward telecommuting have really unified this trend toward a return to the country.”

All three candidates acknowledged that Danville’s anglophone community feels underserved. They recognized the constraints of language laws, but report requests such as better communicating to English speakers about essential services like fire and ambulance or garbage collection, at least. They all noted that the concerns they hear from anglophones are unique compared to those expressed by francophones, but they are felt more acutely because issues with communication, trust and inclusion are all the more exaggerated.

Danville – Municipal Election


  • Nathalie Boissé (outgoing councillor)
  • Ginette Pinard (outgoing councillor)
  • Martine Satre

Councillor, Position 1

  • Chantal Cantin
  • Francine Labelle-Girard

Councillor, Position 2

  • Pierre Jr Grimard (elected by acclamation)

Councillor, Position 3

  • Richard Lefebvre
  • Sylvie Roberge

Councillor, Position 4

  • Annic Gingras
  • Jean-Guy Laroche (outgoing from this position)

Councillor, Position 5

  • Daniel Pitre (outgoing from this position)
  • Michel Plourde (outgoing from another position)

Councillor, Position 6

  • Gaétan Nadeau
  • Michel Poirier

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