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Who are we?

The Quebec Community Newspapers Association (QCNA) is dedicated to the professional and economic development of English community newspapers and their enterprises serving minority communities in Quebec. Recognized as the official representative of Quebec's official language community newspapers by the federal and provincial governments, the public, and by the vast majority of Quebec's community press whether independent, corporate, or not for profit, the QCNA is as unique as the members it serves.

The association's English and bilingual publications distribute weekly, biweekly, monthly and daily to some 384,000 readers across the province. These publications serve an exclusive English and bilingual readership in their communities through their focus on relevant local news and high editorial-to-advertising ratio. In fact, three out of five English-speaking residents read their local community newspaper.

The Quebec Community Newspapers Association provides advocacy, government representation, marketing and promotion for Quebec's community newspapers and, among other things, highlights newspaper challenges in official language markets and provides possible solutions and establishes partnerships that will benefit members and the association.

Our Vision

QCNA is the organization representing Quebec’s English-language media, upholding the highest standard of journalistic excellence.

Our Mission

Support and advocate for the professional and economic development of the news media serving the English-language communities of Quebec.

Facts to know about QCNA

  • In 2023, the QCNA celebrates 43 years serving the minority official language community in Quebec.
  • QCNA member newspapers reach 384,000 readers across the province.
  • As of June 2023, the QCNA has 28 full members and 5 affiliate members.
  • Four out of five people in Canada (83%) read newspapers, in either print or digital format, at least once a week. Source: News Media Canada
  • In Quebec, 4,344,550 residents (51.7% of the population) could have a conversation in English in 2021. This number and proportion were the highest ever observed for the province in a census. Source: Statistics Canada - Key facts on the English language in Quebec in 2021
  • More than 65 community newspapers* are supported by the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications and only 3 serve the English-speaking Quebec community.
  • QCNA has been recognizing journalism excellence with our Better Newspaper Competition for 43 years.
  • QCNA is one of the 7 mandated not-for-profit organizations, administering the Local Journalism Initiative (LJI) program funded by Canadian Heritage.

Every successful organization needs a strong team!

QCNA’s team is consistently working to serve our members. Together they represent the industry and help the newspapers achieve sustainability. As a team, their only objective is to help you achieve your goals!

QCNA consists of positions that are delivering the job as it should be done:

General Manager

The General Manager is tasked with creating business plans, program management, overseeing day-to-day activities, improving performance, developing organizational culture, supervising the departments, reporting on revenue, and directing organizational strategy. The General Manager administers QCNA’s programs, reports to government funders, and works closely with sector partners to meet the needs of the QCNA membership.

Program & Office Coordinator

The Office Administrator/Program Coordinator coordinates office activities and operations to secure efficiency and compliance to company policies. They also manage agendas and supporting documentation for the board meetings. Furthermore, they support bookkeeping procedures, assist colleagues and members whenever necessary, and support the General Manager with program coordination such as the Local Journalism Initiative.

Marketing & Outreach Coordinator

The goal of the Marketing Outreach Coordinator is to create tailored and impactful advertising and promotional campaigns not only for QCNA and its member newspapers but also for the Official Language (English) community groups across the province. The position is currently funded as a paid full-time position through the Young Canada Works program.

Board of Directors

Brenda O’Farrell
Nikki Mantell
Lily Ryan
Michael Sochaczevski
Charles Dickson
Cynthia Dow

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