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Professional and economic development

Through advertisement sales and grant writing support, we help newspapers sustainability. Workshops, training and a recognition contest are offered to members at a yearly conference.

Provides advocacy, representation and promotion

Recognized as the official representative of Quebec's official language community newspapers by the federal and provincial governments. We lobby for your rights.


QCNA offers a wide variety of advertising services in print media and on web news portal.

About Us

QCNA is dedicated to the professional and economic development of English community newspapers and their enterprises serving minority communities in Quebec. We are the standard of excellence in journalism serving the English minority communities in Quebec.

Our mission is to support and advocate for the professional and economic development of the news media serving the English minority communities in Quebec.

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Our Newspapers

The Gaspe Spec
Ricochet Media
Brome County News
Pontiac Journal du Pontiac
The Laval News
Main Street
The Record
Southwest Voice
The Suburban
Westmount Independent
Bulletin d'Aylmer
The Greek Canadian News
The Eastern Door
The Nation
The West Quebec Post
The Townships Sun
The Low Down to Hull & Back
Humsafar Times
Quebec Chronicle - Telegraph
Quebec Farmers Advocate
Nunatsiaq News
The North Shore News
The Equity
Nouvelles Parc-Extension News
Cittadino Canadese
The Gleaner
Montreal Community Contact
Cult MTL
The 1019 Report

Recent News

LJI Program
One seat up for grabs in Ayer’s Cliff

One seat up for grabs in Ayer’s Cliff

While most of Ayer’s Cliff’s municipal council was acclaimed, there is still one position available heading into the Nov. 7 election. Two candidates, Caroline Paul and Louise Roux are running for Seat 2 on council, and both hope voters will remember that every seat is important and head to the polls. As it stands, there are three returning councillors, Patrick Proulx (Seat 1), Peter McHarg (Seat 3), and Michael Crook (Seat 6).

LJI Program
The case of the missing water

The case of the missing water

Earlier this week, Chris Maynard of Topher Farms and Fitch Bay resident Stacy Johnson spoke to The Record about their wells running dry. Both marvelled that so many of their neighbours were in the same boat, but everyone seemed to assume these were isolated cases, not a regional issue that could become more critical over the winter months. Marilyn Bernier confirms their stories are far from unique.

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