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Professional and economic development

Through advertisement sales and grant writing support, we help newspapers sustainability. Workshops, training and a recognition contest are offered to members at a yearly conference.

Provides advocacy, representation and promotion

Recognized as the official representative of Quebec's official language community newspapers by the federal and provincial governments. We lobby for your rights.


QCNA offers a wide variety of advertising services in print media and on web news portal.

About Us

QCNA is dedicated to the professional and economic development of English community newspapers and their enterprises serving minority communities in Quebec. We are the standard of excellence in journalism serving the English minority communities in Quebec.

Our mission is to support and advocate for the professional and economic development of the news media serving the English minority communities in Quebec.

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Our Newspapers

The Gaspe Spec
Ricochet Media
Brome County News
Pontiac Journal du Pontiac
The Laval News
Main Street
The Record
Southwest Voice
The Suburban
Westmount Independent
Bulletin d'Aylmer
The Greek Canadian News
The Eastern Door
The Nation
The West Quebec Post
The Townships Sun
The Low Down to Hull & Back
Humsafar Times
Quebec Chronicle - Telegraph
Quebec Farmers Advocate
Nunatsiaq News
The North Shore News
The Equity
Nouvelles Parc-Extension News
Cittadino Canadese
The Gleaner
Montreal Community Contact
Cult MTL
The 1019 Report

Recent News

LJI Program
Quebec tennis federation calls out latest government directives

Quebec tennis federation calls out latest government directives

The government’s decision to exclude tennis from the short list of activities allowed during March break has puzzled the province’s tennis community. According to Tennis Québec Deputy Executive Director Andréanne Martin, if the goal is to get Quebecer’s moving during the break, then tennis should be considered one of the top options.

LJI Program
Parking ticket angel helps out  Massawippi Trail users

Parking ticket angel helps out Massawippi Trail users

Quebecers who received parking tickets last week on Côte du Piémont in Sainte-Catherine-de-Hatley no longer need to worry about the fine as a Montreal resident decided to cover the infraction costs. Hikers coming back from a trek through the Massawippi Trail on Feb. 14 were shocked to find tickets on their car windshield.

Canada Local
News quiz for local students

News quiz for local students

It’s time to test the knowledge of young people in the Townships and see who’s keeping up with the news. The Record publishes a quiz each week with five questions…

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